Meagan Scott is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Her studies at the prestigious Callier Center has afforded her the expertise to connect with patients and provide research-based analysis of communication disorders. Mrs. Scott also holds a Master of Science in Healthcare from Texas Tech University and is licensed by the state of Texas to perform full diagnostic hearing exams as well as fit and dispense hearing instruments. Mrs. Scott has worked in various clinical settings from  hospital ENT practices to retail medical models. Fully knowledgeable about the many Hearing Aid manufacturing companies and the newest, innovative technology, she is able to provide each patient with the best hearing care solution . 

With 13 years of experience in the Audiology industry, Meagan is passionate about helping people hear better and restoring people’s confidence in the communication process. “I love providing evidence-based hearing care that leaves my patients hearing better than ever. I love hearing the stories about things they are hearing for the first time again in years. I want every advantage possible for them and for my patients to feel confident when it comes to their hearing care.”

Meagan is a member of the following organizations:

 ~Texas Hearing Aid Association

 ~International Hearing Society

 ~Hearing Healthcare Instructional Institute.

When she is not working, Meagan enjoys traveling, CrossFit, and spending time with her family. 

Hello, I am Angela Anderson, AuD and I am an audiologist who is new to this community, but not new to
helping people improve their quality of life and their communication through hearing health services.
This is my 32nd year as an audiologist. I come from a varied background of hearing healthcare settings
throughout my career beginning with ENT practices, into corporate medicine, government medical
services, retail environments, and private practice which I am ecstatic to be back a part of.
A little bit more about me is that I attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock for my undergraduate
studies, the University of North Texas in Denton for my graduate program and lastly A. T. Still University
in Mesa, AZ., for my doctoral program in 2010. All of my emphasis and work environments have been
centered around hearing healthcare, but with respect to the whole being and finding creative solutions
to ensure that everyone has the best possible outcome for desired improved communication. I have
worked across the DFW Metroplex my entire career.
In addition to my education and career, I have lived with hearing loss for much of my life dating back to
my childhood. There are several lessons that I have taken from my experience, one is that hearing loss
does not have to keep you from living your best life. I’m sure that many of you would be able to relate
to this fact as you continue to work, travel, and connect with those around you. The other lesson that I
have learned is that it has given me a unique perspective because I have experienced what many have
gone through to achieve that level of communication success despite the challenge of hearing loss. I
feel I can offer my patients that insight and relatability to help them make the best of their unique
sound world.
On a personal note, I have been married for twelve years to my husband, Marvin O’Bryant who is an
author of five books and a film creator. We share four children, Jonathan, Marvin, Jr., Courtney, and
Kenneth. We love to travel. I love to sing and cook.
My partner, Meagan Chance-Scott and I look forward to integrating ourselves more into this community
to both learn more about it and to serve.

Angela E. Anderson, AuD, Clinical Audiologist
8405 Lakeview Pkwy, Ste. 216
Rowlett, TX 75088